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SAS was established in 2015 and recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education as the first technical school in Physical Education and Sports in Lebanon. 

Our purpose is dedicated to fostering excellence in sports education and preparing aspiring professionals for successful careers in the industry. At SAS we want to build a strong community of aspiring young future sports pioneers in athletic performance using a scientific approach.

There’s no single path—there’s only the right path for you. Which one will you take?

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Arz secured the gold medal in his debut 200m race. A proud alum of our Sports Academy School, he was the 1st to graduate with a Technical PE Baccalaureate.​

Celebrating Arz's triumph at the Francophone Games
in Kinshasa!

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This is SAS!

Seven years of helping student-athletes and sports enthusiasts fulfill their dreams and believe in the beauty of the sports world.

1998 World Cup Winner

Most Capped Player in the History of the France National Team

Former Player of Monaco, Parma, Juventus, and Barcelona

We were honored to welcome the legendary Lilian Thuram to Sports Academy School in 2016. With humility and grace, he mentored our students and shared his incredible journey.

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Leo Dubois - French FOOTBALL pLAYER with the french national football team and olympique lyonnais club
We are grateful to have a partnership with such a dedicated
and inspiring role model !
Elie Rustom - captain of the lebanese
basketball national team
Listen to what the captain of Lebanon's Basketball National Team, Elie Rustom has to say to you.
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Did you know that you can benefit from the Elite Athlete Scholarship ? Watch this video to find out more...

Career opportunities

You can pursue further studies in sports-related fields or enroll in a private university to follow your passions and interests. The expanding sports industry offers promising career opportunities for those enthusiastic about sports, fitness, and the burgeoning sports business sector.

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