Dean of students

Dean of Students
Full Time
Between 35 & 40 Hours per Week for 12 Months Including School Holidays
Professional Education with experience in a school setting as a teacher, administrator, or adolescent psychologist, responsible for structuring and managing school life.
Leadership, natural authority, and the ability to make difficult decisions when necessary.
Attention to detail in administrative tasks (analysis, monitoring, collaborative tools).
Strong interpersonal skills, diplomacy, team animation, and problem-solving abilities.
Excellent listening and pedagogical skills.
Strong ethical standards.
Fluency in French and B2 level English required.
In collaboration with the pedagogical and administrative team:
● Contribute to the school climate (empowering students, workshops, promotion committee, etc.)
● Ensure compliance with internal regulations and student movement within the school.
●Manage absences and meet with parents.
●Monitor internships (network of partners, placements, student follow-up, and record-keeping).

Core Responsibilities of all Teaching Positions

● Monitoring and evaluating students' progress
● Participating in various pedagogical meetings
● Collaborating with other teachers
● Communicating with parents
● Participating in parent-teacher meetings
● Actively participating in school events
● Contributing to extracurricular projects
● Participating in training sessions for teachers
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